The ultimate guide to make a travel map

While travelling you make new friends, explore new areas and create new memories. It doesn’t matter how memorable these experiences are, over time you will lose a few. How well do you remember your holiday from a few years ago? A travel map is a perfect solution for this, so¬†we wrote a guide so you can make a travel map!


3 tools to track your journey

It’s easy to forget which places you visited, how long you stayed there and what you saw or did at the location. So here are a few tools to track your travels!

Google Maps (Android & iOS)

Google’s timeline feature in Google Maps tracks your location and shows you where you’ve been on which day. You have to enable this option manually, read Google’s page on how to do this here.

Make a travel diary or travel log

A travel diary sounds very fancy, but it can be a simple notebook with three columns: date, location & description. Every time you move to a different place note the location you’ve been, note the date and write a short description so you remember your experiences. It’s an easy but very effective way to track your travels.

Polar Steps

Polar Steps is a nice tool to track your journey in an easy way. The Polar Steps application tracks your journey and you can edit this path completely. The app uses minimal battery and works offline, but don’t put your phone on flight mode because it will lose it’s GPS signal!


How to make your travel map?

How to convert this data into a comprehensive travel map? We didn’t have a solution to that answer, so we created it ourselves. With WeMapJourneys we make custom travel maps for travellers, we turn their travelling experiences into lifelong memories in just three steps:

Upload your data

Choose your size

Check a digital preview