Useful travel gifts for backpackers

Travelers don’t have much room for gifts; the number of products that they carry is limited, making it hard to find a useful gift. That’s why we selected 10 useful and unique travel gifts for 2019: sorted from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Earplugs (from €5,-)

Sleeping in a crowded and noisy hostel, having a baby on your 16-hour flight to Thailand. Travelling can be hectic. Sometimes calm and silence is all a traveler needs. That’s why we recommend getting earplugs. The smallest and most useful gifts for backpackers.

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Cord Tacos (from €8,-)

Don’t you hate it when all your cables get all tangled up in your backpack? Cord Tacos are the solution. These little tacos fold around your cables neatly, organizing your cable storage.

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Sleeping mask (from €10,-)

When backpacking there’s a big chance that you’re going to end up in a different timezone. Sometimes you just have to catch up on sleep in the middle of the day, during a bus ride or when you’ve finally arrived at a hostel. A sleeping mask makes sleeping possible even in daylight! Sleeping masks are super cheap gifts which are easy to carry.

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Headlamps (from €15,-)

Traveling means adventure. Adventure means getting into situations that you didn’t always prepare for. Walking back home in the evening in rural Indonesia or getting your campervan stuck in the mud at night is when a headlamp comes in really handy.

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WeMapJourneys gift card (from €29,-)

With the WeMapJourneys gift card, you give the travelers the chance to turn their travel experiences into lifelong memories. It’s easy to forget what you’ve experienced while backpacking. WeMapJourneys will put these all of these experiences in a minimalistic poster, which the traveler can hang in its house.

Gift cards range from €29,- to €69,-