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I had been driving around the south of Europe for quite a few months already and realized that I could also maybe go to Ibiza for a few weeks. I knew I probably wasn’t able to surf there, but in return I would get to experience the Ibiza hippy vibes, beautiful beaches and Ibiza culture. After 3 seconds of thinking about it I knew what I was gonna do in the month of May 2019; I was going to Ibiza!

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What is (or are) your most memorable experience(s)?

In general, I don’t think I will forget this trip quickly, but if I have to choose my most memorable experience it would be this.

I decided to have a beach day and drove to Cala Boix. I arrived there around 10:30 and had a pretty normal beach day until 13:00. Around that time three ‘Ibiza hippies’ sat down next to me on the beach and started playing the jambe. They were pretty good and I really liked the vibe they brought to the beach. About an hour later, more and more people joined them and it ended up like a small hippie festival. There was jambe music, lots of dreadlocks, people playing the guitar, a strong smell of weed and lots of friendly people. This was most likely the most (unexpected) fun I have had at a beach ever! I met some amazing people that day that I would have never met anywhere else and will not likely forget that day anytime soon.

What is the most beautiful place you visited during your travels?

Without a doubt that would be Formentera! I think everyone who visited Ibiza and went there will agree with me. It’s a place with amazing beaches and beautiful nature. The landscape there looks truly photoshopped.

What did you learn during your travels?

I guess the thing I learned from visiting Ibiza is ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’. In my mind, Ibiza was just a party island with huge clubs, famous DJ’s and was ridiculously expensive in general. It turned out it is way more than just that. Especially when you go north it has some beautiful, remote and quiet beaches plus a few small hippy markets that truly make you feel like you back are in the ’90s (including the prices there). I didn’t know what to expect when I went to Ibiza, but I know I didn’t expect anything as I experienced there!

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