We Plant Trees

We are very aware that our Travel Posters impact the environment. The environmental impact of paper is significant and we ship the products to your doorsteps, which generates CO2. That’s why for every sold Travel Poster we plant 3 trees.

We do this through onetreeplanted.org. One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. Their partners choose the best tree species to plant and work with local communities to get them in the ground. Planting typically happens in the rainy season when the soil is wet and provides optimal conditions for tree survival.


For the materials
It’s mainly the paper – but also the ink – that currently has an negative impact on the environment.


For the shipping
However we tried to reduce our shipping distance as much as possible it still generated co2


Because we care
Our home planet needs as much help as possible. And every tree planted helps.